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Comments from plein air workshop participants:

"Thanks for all of your help with my paintings last week in the workshop. I feel like I made a huge break through!!

"Please think about doing your workshop again next year. Everyone had a great time!"

- Sheri S., Folsom, CA

"It was a fun week in the workshop and I learned a lot. You inspired me to paint more. Went out to the bridge and finished that rope swing, and did a new painting of the beaver ponds. Thanks again,"

Tommy W., So Lk Tahoe, CA

"Hi, I love your class... good vibes! I loved every second - that includes your inspiration and beyond. Great teacher. Thank you."

 - Claudia E., South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Kit, Thank You! Your workshops are always so positive and informative. And painting for five days in Tahoe? Wow!!. See you next year I hope... "

- Leslie, McC., Carmichael, CA

"Thank you so much for all of the work you put into the workshop. There is obviously a lot involved in the planning and getting us all to the right locations.

"The growth I experienced in my own painting skills and my ability to see a composition outdoors was truly satisfying. You are a remarkable teacher and a lovely person. Thanks for your patience with me!

"I am excited to get outdoors in Redding and paint our beautiful landscapes and fall color.

"Looking forward to Still Life in Sacramento in October!"

-Diedra M., Redding, CA

Kit here - just taking a moment to say how lucky I am!

"Dear Kit, I was so nervous my first day. I didn't really know what to expect, but you made learning fun and exciting. So, I jumped in...

"I appreciate the individual feedback you gave for each of my paintings. I now have a better understanding of composition, color, value and luminosity. How wonderful this is!!!

"You are an amazing artist and I feel so honored to had three full days of learning from you. Thanks agian! Best wishes,

 -Debbie C., Cameron Park, CA 

"Hi Kit, Thank you so much...What a wonderful workshop in all ways. Beautiful Tahoe, with new eyes looking at it, and your wonderful one-on-one attention.

"I already find myself looking at the environment in terms of warm and cool colors. I am so glad I was able to attendyour workshop. Kind Regards,"

-Doris G., Grass Valley, CA

"Kit, Thank you for an absolutely fantastic plein air workshop. I  couldn't ask for a better instructor or a better place than Tahoe to paint.

"Thank you,as well, for your kind words about my painting. I try and you're a big help."

- Bob R., Sacramento

"Kit, I'm sorry that you'll be focusing on your work(and taking a break from) teaching, beause your encouragement has been golden for me... I've enjoyed learning from you.

"Thank you and best wishes as you continue your beautiful touch in paint and life."

-  Carole S., Davis, CA

"Hi Kit,

"Thank you for your kind words. I learned so much from you last week!

"You are a great teacher. Thank you so much."

 - Janet H., Sacramento, CA


Just a note once more to tell you how much I appreciated your class. Truly an engaging experience. I learned more from you than most of the workshops I've taken before."

- Steve K., Los Angeles

"Your tips and techniques, along  with your generous guidance, encouragement and good humor, were greatly appreciated. I learned a lot. Thank you so much for your patience and kind spirit.

"With warm regards,"

- Denise B., Fresno

"Hi Kit, This week was like a holiday for me! Thank you for all of your help and for your encouragement to work beyond my safety zone. My paintings are in a line up chronologically across the mantel. Wow!

"So glad to be in your workshop.

"All good wishes,"

-Suemi A, Glenbrook, NV.

"Thank you!

"Who but you would work so hard to: put us in the right place for multiple grand compositions; let us know there is more than one way to achieve good results; get down in the tray to show how different color mixtures give desired results; get around to all the easels more than once each half-day, giving encouragement and support? Great leadership, teaching and fun-making!

"Thanks Kit."

- Ken M., Lake Tahoe, CA

"I got a lot from the workshop, in all sorts of ways. First, just getting out there with all the equipment, among the public. I'd expected that to be distracting and a little intimidating. Didn't really notice them. I appreciate, again, the atmosphere that you establish. I think we all felt very comfortable in taking on the challenges before us each day. Input when needed, and affirmation.

"In the last couple of days while walking the dogs, I have found myself mentally mixing greens to match the colors of the foliage. I'm reminded of what Mark Twain said about golf, something about a nice walk spoiled. But I like golf. And I like that I'm anxious to get back to the palette. So, yeah!"

- Carol C., Walnut Creek, CA

"I had a wonderful week in your work shop. Looking forward to doing it again!

"I have all of my paintings strung out in front of me. Not bad! I'm happy!!"

- Janice L., Davis CA

"It was a great week for me. Challenging but fun. I really enjoyed spending time with you and meeting new friends.

"You're are so supportive but also very good at giving every student constructive criticism. I am in awe of your sensitivity and patience.

"I learned so much in those five days. Just wish my college professors had been as instructive. I never remember watching a single demonstration of how they individually worked.

"It was also wonderful to spend time enjoying Tahoe. After 22 years, 3 of the places we went to, I had never seen before. Even Sand Harbor took on a new character as I watched it carefully for so many hours."

- Val D., Incline Village, NV

"Dear Kit,

"Mille grazie for all the attention to detail that went into making this workshop so very worthwhile.

"Michael and I benefited greatly from your skillful and subtle instruction. I feel so much better about my efforts after just five days....I hardly know what to say! I will go with my first instincts and just thank you. I look forward to spending another five days in September at the Miracle Workshop to hone my new skills and learn something new.

Later ~

"ůSo.....I am sitting in my meadow and I am painting away.....when the picture starts to get away from me.....and I remembered some things you said and now it is saved AND done! Thanks for that and all the other things I learned!"

- Megan T., Carmel, CA

"Well, it was a most wonderful workshop!! Nice variety of places, great people and excellent painting help from you. I loved the friendly and casual atmosphere. Thank you so much for your always generous self, delicious lunch and your expertise as our picture-painting trouble-shooter. You created an all 'round terrific experience.

"Thanks again, till later"

- Sally S., Carson City, NV

"Hi Kit,

"Everything about the time spent in your workshop was wonderful! I will look forward to working with you again, because one can see a progress with such intense focus. It has always been much too easy to put my painting on the back burner.

"Hope you realize what a gifted teacher you are!!!!!


- Kathy P., Walnut Creek, CA

Workshops: None Currently Scheduled ~ I am taking a hiatus from teaching to focus on painting. I will post here when I resume teaching. Thanks for your interest!


Previous Workshops:

5-Day Plein Air Landscape Workshop in Lake Tahoe! 

This is the last plein air workshop I have scheduled for the foreseeable future. I will be on hiatus from teaching  to focus on painting.

Spend five days Oil Painting in beautiful Lake Tahoe, where the sun is warm and the shade is cool. Soak up nature's peace and grandeur while capturing it in paint! 

The first morning we meet at my studio for a discussion on creating dynamic composition. Then we head out into the field.

Each day is a new location - two paintings with a lunch break in between.

We will create dynamic compositions as we strive to simplify - giving special attention to edges, designing with  negative space, and the hierarchy of light. 

As technique and comfort increase, we will develop skills for creating radiant color and luminous shadows  - bringing your work to life. 

I am an animated and supportive instructor. People learn faster when they are having fun. Short personal demos, lots of one-on-one,  informal and informative end-of day critique with your peers.

This class is for experienced beginners to advanced oil painters, with knowledge of their equipment and their paint. (Acrylics welcome - *with retarder to slow drying.)

High-altitude painting in paradise. Fantastic! Channel your inner John Muir. 

For more info or registration, please email  me: (this is not a link) Kit@KitNight.com or call: 530.544.8949

Sign up! Class size is limited.  $100 Deposit holds your spot. Just email me to let me know your intent. Then, pop your deposit check in the mail.

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Amp-up your Art in Lake Garda, Italy May 28 - June 4, 2016 Full with wait list Plein air painting in oil.

You and your easel under the Italian Sun!!   Find out if the birds sing in Italiano! 


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